40 Year Reunion
October 1, 2016
5 years and 17 days since
our Reunion.

"The Class of 1976 consists of 636 students.  The Seniors had many projects throughout the year.  Homecoming ws a success, with the help of the Senior Board, and class advisors, Dr. Mulroy and Mr. Cox.  'The Way We Were' will remain in the hearts of all for years to come. 
The classmates of 1976 must now survive on their own.  They will meet new people and experience new beginnings.  With its memories of Neenah High School the Class of 1976 looks to the future."  (from the Rocket 1976)

The 40th reunion was a huge success! Our class ages like a fine wine.  See you all at the 45th!!

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Reunion Quiz
The "open concept" at Armstrong gave me the opportunity to

Drop textbooks off the 2nd floor balcony
Ride in the back of Dave Bernd's pickup truck
Study at the Camelot "commons"
Never miss the soaps
Reunion Poll
Since 1976, I can still....

Fit into my old red Neenah gym shorts
name all 4 commons at Armstrong
remember my locker location
fit thru the bathroom window at the Beehive
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